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Apartments Celnice Lipno

Lipno, Šumava, Český Krumlov, Černá v Pošumavý, Frymburk, Linz, Hochficht, Schöneben, Sternstein – all these places are within easy reach of Kyselov.

Former customs house (approved in 1934) resp. the seat of the border company near the Czech – Austrian state border is currently not used in any way.

The apartments will be in South Bohemia, not far from the Austrian border. Thanks to their location, they provide a completely unique place for recreation, trips and sports.

Nature lovers will be thrilled by the proximity of the Šumava Protected Landscape Area. The apartments are located in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area and this fact brings with it many advantages. This is a completely unique natural environment that surrounds Kyselov.

The big advantage is the proximity of the Lipno reservoir, where you can fish, enjoy adrenaline sports, cycling, in-line skating, golf, swimming in summer and in winter change, cross-country skiing, skating and skiing in Kramolín The whole area is interwoven with bike paths and hiking trails.

On the Austrian side, which is really close to Kyselov, you will find other ways to enjoy your free time with your family. In the Austrian resort Schöneben there are 70 km of maintained cross-country trails, which will be appreciated especially by lovers of winter sports.

Lovers of tourism will certainly enjoy a trip to the recreation area Pyhrn Pirel, where the best conditions are for hiking, long-distance hiking, climbing and mountain biking in summer, and in winter, of course, skiing.

The city of Linz, which was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2009 and is a mix of contemporary art and history, is definitely worth a visit on the Austrian side.

The Böhmerwald recreation area is a beautiful piece of nature, especially in winter. It will offer you everything you could wish for as a winter athlete to enjoy in the snow. A perfect skiing experience awaits you in the Hochficht alpine ski resort.

On the plateau at an altitude of 1000 m lies the cross-country skiing center Šumava with boarding points Schöneben, Grünwald and Oberhag. here you will find the most beautiful cross-country trails in the region.

It is also worth mentioning the Sternstein ski area, which is a short walk from the Studánky border crossing near the spa town of Bad Leonfelden. Sternsein is a very easily accessible and very pleasant area for skiing, where there is a family atmosphere. There are no crowded slopes, the cable car is comfortable and fast and you will find 3 slopes.

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