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Apartments Celnice Lipno

Quiet place near Lipno, Šumava and Austria

Apartments Lipno are ideal for lovers of nature, hiking, skiing and water sports, but also provide space for relaxation. The apartments are close to the Czech-Austrian border on the road connecting Nova Pec with the Zadní Zvonková / Schöneben border crossing. This route continues on the Austrian side to one of the most modern ski resorts in the Šumava / Böhmerwald / Bayerischer Wald area.

Compared to competing facilities on the right bank of the Lipno Reservoir, potential clients will have the advantage of being close to this ski center. And not only that – in the immediate vicinity they can use interconnected cross-country and cycling routes with a dense network of hiking trails.

Location on the right bank of Lipno - untouched nature

Thanks to their location, the apartments provide privacy, there is not so much tourism, but at the same time you can get to Lipno or Austria in a few minutes. Both in Lipno and in Austria you can use a wide range of services from Wellness, restaurants, you can go on a trip to Gmünd (about an hour by car), you can visit the Šumava National Park, go to Lipno to explore the Treetop Trail. In summer you can go fishing in Lipno, go on a bike trip or go hiking. In winter, you can go skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Other interesting places in the area

You can set out to explore the beauties of South Bohemia. For history lovers, we recommend visiting the town of Rožmberk, which is about 20 minutes away by car. If you drive on, you will also have Český Krumlov, which is on the UNESCO list, nearby is the Golden Crown, where you can visit the medieval monastery. There is also a lot to see on the Austrian side. You can explore castles and chateaux in Austria, visit the city of Linz, take a trip to the Austrian side of the Šumava National Park.

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  • Start of sale

    May 2022
  • Start of construction

    May 2023
  • Completion of construction

    October 2023
  • Final approval

    December 2023

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Apartments Celnice Lipno

Quiet place near Lipno, Šumava and Austria

Nature lovers will be thrilled by the proximity of the Šumava Protected Landscape Area. The apartments are located in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area and this fact brings with it many advantages. This is a completely unique natural environment that surrounds Kyselov. The big advantage is the proximity of the Lipno reservoir, where you can fish, enjoy adrenaline sports, cycling, in-line skating, golf, swimming in summer and change in winter, cross-country skiing, skating and skiing in Kramolín. The whole area is interwoven with bike paths and hiking trails.
On the Austrian side, which is really close to Kyselov, you will find other ways to enjoy your free time with your family. In the Austrian resort Schöneben there are 70 km of maintained cross-country trails, which will be appreciated especially by lovers of winter sports.

Lovers of tourism will certainly enjoy a trip to the recreation area Pyhrn Pirel, where the best conditions are for hiking, long-distance hiking, climbing and mountain biking in summer, and in winter, of course, skiing.

The city of Linz, which was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2009 and is a mix of contemporary art and history, is definitely worth a visit on the Austrian side.

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